Why Yaxis®?

Since its establishment in the year 2006, Yaxis® has significantly expanded its proficiency levels in order to provide customers with a variety of avant-garde and innovative products and services. These are some of the reasons why Yaxis® has become the leading choice of architects, interior designer, and property developers in Malaysia.

Made in Malaysia

All genuine Yaxis products are manufactured locally in Selangor, Malaysia with an intensive checklist for strict quality control and monitoring. We pledge to provide a worry-free experience to our valued customer as they will no longer need to endure stress about stock availability or delayed overseas shipment.

Research and Development

R&D is an integral part of our business, to anticipate new design trends and discover better GREEN production technology to protects Mother Earth.

10-year Manufacturer Warranty

Our confidence in the first class quality of our products allows us to offer an extensive warranty period for our valued customer. The principle of building mutual benefits and mutual privilege is the motto of Yaxis. 

Prompt Delivery

Under the roof of a 40,000sqft factory, our production line allows prompt and timely product delivery, even for customized product. Embarking on our in house fabrication team which allows us to deliver on time with attentive workmanship. 

Extensive Colour Range

“Colours speak all languages” Any theme, any idea. With 2000 over colour series, you will find the desired surface hue and pattern from our wide spectrum of choices.


We are fearless in pursuit of customization. Being able to customize products to specific requirements while still maintaining quality, consistency and ensuring prompt delivery is our strongest commitment.

Product Consistency

Due to the high-level quality control, Yaxis go through 4 major process which is mixing, vacuum box process, post curing and sanding. Such complete process cycle creates a more stable product and disparities between different production batches are kept to a minimal.

Strong Ethics

Trust takes years to build and seconds to break. This is what drives us to worked hard in order to gain the trust of our valued customers and stakeholders, by always upholding our core values.


Mother Earth is all we have in common. We have a very clear vision of why we do it which is to contribute green living by making sure our products are non-toxic, recyclable, and emits very low carbon footprints, even during the production process.