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Discover Yaxis® high-quality surface materials that can be customised based on your client’s needs or project requirements.



Ultra-Hygienic, non porous surfaces.

A wide range of premium solid surface that is highly customisable based on your’s and client’s need. proven more hygienic, durable, and stain-resistant that suit any high-profile project.

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Durable engineered quartz surfaces.

A timeless beauty and highly durable engineered quartz surfaces that bring the best of natural design and exclusive finishes: seamlessly merging modern and classic design elements.

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EcoStone TM

Flawless granite surface coating

A cutting edge innovation that transforms your building surfaces into a flawless replica of real granite surfaces with water and mould resistant features to give your building an extra protection.

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Yaxis®is a premium surface materials manufacture in Malaysia with more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing ultra-hygienic solid surfaces that eco-friendly. certified with Green Label certification. Yaxis® premium surface is designed with a higher level of hygiene that is suitable for various types of usage from the healthcare sector for hygienic furniture and work surfaces to food preparation areas in restaurants.